Bee Roads Seeds

Thank you for your interest in Torbay’s Buzzing- All of our seeds have now been allocated

Participants will receive a pack of wildflower seeds to plant in your window box, on your balcony or in your garden this autumn and be kept up to date with our Bee-roads and Torbay Nature Network Campaign.

Your postcode will be added to our map to show the network of wildflowers for our pollinating friends across Torbay.


It’s no secret that our bees are facing threats… Habitat loss is one of the issues linked to declining bee numbers. Torbay Council and Groundwork South are working with the local community to increase access to wildflowers for our fuzzy friends!

In 2016 and 2017, Torbay council worked with Buglife to create a number of wildflower meadows and pollinator habitats to make space for our bees and other pollinating friends. Now it’s your turn to help link these up and create a wonderful network of flight paths for our bees to be able to feed their families across the seasons.