What do I need?

What tasks are undertaken and what risk assessments and permissions are needed?

Examples of maintenace and improvement tasks have been listed as follows:

  • Weeding flower and shrub beds,
  • Cutting hedges from ground level only,
  • Mowing grass using pedestrian mowers,
  • Planting up flower & shrub beds
  • Painting fences and park furniture
  • Litter picking
  • Tree & Hedge Planting
  • Small tree or shrub removal (not scrub clearance)
  • Painting buildings or larger structures,
  • Installing simple access features (gates. styles, benches)
  • Access improvements (path laying and step building)

All sites and tasks need to be risk assessed. A risk assessment is valid on the day it is written, for the tasks and hazards idetnified. We all share responsibility in ensuring that the risk assessment reflects the tasks being undertaken and the risks arising from the site and tasks at the time.

Tasks not listed above are not precluded but will require specific risk assessment and also require authorisation by Torbay Council before commencement

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Safety Talks

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